How does EvoSim Universe's token-earning mechanism work?

When you utilize traffic through your eSIM in the EvoSim Universe, you start earning in-game resources in the form of UTL and GOV. To do this, begin by purchasing a data plan via the EvoSim Universe app and then install the eSIM on your device. Next, acquire an asset from the EvoSim Universe Marketplace. Each asset possesses unique attributes that determine the efficiency of converting internet traffic into resources.

As you use traffic, your asset begins converting it into resources, which are automatically added to your EvoSim Universe balance. The conversion efficiency depends on the quality and level of your asset. Higher-quality and more advanced assets may have more favorable conversion rates, enabling you to earn more resources for the same amount of traffic.

It's important to note that each asset has limits on data conversion, both in total and on a daily basis. This means there is a maximum amount of data that can be converted into resources using a specific asset. When selecting data plans and assets, it's crucial to strategically consider these limits to maximize your earnings in the form of in-game resources.

This mechanism allows users to interact with the EvoSim Universe world, earning rewards for utilizing traffic through eSIM and effectively managing their assets to maximize resource earnings.

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