Exploring Your DEX Wallet Balances

In your EvoSim Universe journey, managing your assets is made effortless through the DEX wallet.

This versatile tool provides a glimpse into your holdings, allowing you to stay informed about your resources. Here's what you can do:

  • Check Balances: within your DEX wallet, you have the ability to view the quantities of various tokens and assets you own. This includes utility tokens, governance tokens, eSIM assets, Mystery Boxes, and eSIM Boxes.

Please keep in mind that, at the present moment, the DEX wallet supports tokens from our blockchain and contracts. You can find further information in the Web3 section of our Whitepaper.

Understanding the crypto withdrawal process

When it comes to withdrawing cryptocurrency, our process has been designed for simplicity and ease. Here's a breakdown of how it works:

  • Access the withdrawal section: navigate to the withdrawal section within your DEX wallet.

  • Select cryptocurrency: choose the specific cryptocurrency you intend to withdraw from your wallet.

  • Recipient wallet address: enter the wallet address of the recipient where you wish to send the withdrawn cryptocurrency.

  • Withdrawal amount: specify the precise amount of cryptocurrency you want to withdraw.

  • Transaction Confirmation: Confirm the transaction and review any relevant details, such as associated fees.

  • Completion: once confirmed, the cryptocurrency will be promptly transferred to the designated recipient address.

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