What are the main in-app activity fees?

Understanding In-App Activity Fees

At EvoSim Universe, we believe in transparency when it comes to fees associated with in-app activities. All fees are clearly displayed during transaction creation, ensuring that you have a comprehensive view of any charges before proceeding. As of now, the following fees are applicable within the app:

  • Purchase and sale fees: when you engage in buying or selling activities, a fee is applied to these transactions. This fee contributes to the maintenance and enhancement of the EvoSim Universe ecosystem.

  • Withdrawal fee: if you choose to withdraw funds from your wallet, a withdrawal fee is applied to the transaction. This fee is designed to cover processing costs and secure transfers.

Our commitment to transparency means that you'll always be informed about any fees before confirming a transaction. We aim to provide a clear understanding of the costs associated with your in-app activities, ensuring a smooth and informed experience within the EvoSim Universe.

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