How to add tokens to Metamask?

Having tokens EST and ENT on your wallet is an important step before getting the EvoSim Universe NFT and starting earning. But how to add them correctly? There are a lot of decentralized wallets, in our example we will be using Metamask. Here are some guides for the successful earning:

  1. Download the Metamask app for your smartphone:

For iOS

For Android

  1. Log in or Sign up in the app

  2. Click on the Network Choose on the top of the Metamask App

  1. You need to have the BNB network to add the native tokens. Let’s do it! Click on the “Add Network” button.

  2. Find the BNB Blockchain and click the “Add” button

  3. BNB Network was created by known third parties, so Metamask will ask you to confirm adding this network. Click “Confirm” on the appeared modal window. The BNB network has been added! Don’t forget to switch to this network, when Metamask offers you this option!

  1. It’s time to get the EvoSim tokens in your Metamask. There are two tokens to add, EST and ENT. Both are being used and it’s desirable to add both as well:

Token Contract Addresses:

EST - 0x019d4ABFF03C185E21cBB97b7392c1B43cE21206 ENT - 0x5110922AC1Fe18f16C77C1dA7A9A65D98A540040

All you need is to return to the main page in the Metamask app and click “Import tokens”. You don’t need to search for them, you should choose the “Custom token” option instead. Here you should copy and paste the Token Address for each token, they are provided above.

The ticker and decimals will be added automatically, if the address is right! Click the “Import” button after that!

  1. Ready! You have EST/ENT tokens in your Metamask App!

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